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Andhra Pradesh Drought Adaptation Initiative (APDAI)

Leasing Plough Bullock constraints for Poor Farmers


This pilot in APDAI attempted to evolve institutional mechanisms & support systems for easing the bullock constraints for poor; in several villages of the pilot area, poor farmers were depending on bullocks given by the larger farmers for whom they work, or on hired bullock labor. This often results in delayed sowing and poor crop yields or leaving the land fallow. This initiative was to create a facility for the poor in the village, where their lands will be ploughed on a priority basis. A total of 21 pairs of bullocks and 17 carts were introduced in APDAI villages. The facility was established at VO level but managed by the group of farmers those who do not own bullocks. The bullocks, in each village, were operated by an individual on a commercial basis. In that way, the initiative used the SHG federation to hold, maintain and replace the livestock assets, while leaving out the task of service provision with an individual operator. Such an institutional arrangement if successful can provide a potential breakthrough in terms of addressing draft power needs of marginal farmers. Such sort of arrangement could be feasible under NREGS, which can extend it as a public service for poor farmersí land development.

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