Rainfed Agriculture

The national level workshop hosted by WASSAN in collaboration with ICAR in September 2007 at New Delhi (see www.rainfedindia.org), clearly brought out the inequity in the quantum of public investments between rainfed and irrigated regions of the country. It has underlined the need to mobilize larger public investments to broad base the successful pilot initiatives, and eventually for a policy change to reflect a new and more relevant paradigm. As a result, a working group*Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture Network was constituted in August 2009.  As Secretariat, WASSAN coordinates the activities of the RRA Network.

*The working group consists of NGOs, networks, researchers and interested individuals.

The RRA Network proposes to work on the following themes:

  • Protective Irrigation
  • Extensive Livestock
  • Community-based Seed Systems
  • Living Soils
  • Rainfed Fisheries
  • Millets & Crop Diversification
  • Agronomic Innovations
  • Community Institutions
  • Access to Market
  • Access to Credit