WASSAN has since its inception retained its character as a network based support organisation. Over the years, it has grown in strength through its many enriching partnerships with community based organisations (CBOs), NRM based cooperatives, panchayat raj institutions, agriculture labour unions etc.

WASSAN endeavours to adhere to the values of Equity, Participation, Collaboration, Team-work and Accountability, in fulfilling its vision, through its Fields of Action.

Each area of work is considered a Field of Action and is strategically structured to contribute to each other.

The Fields of Action are:

Training:  Provide quality training on various theme-based and participatory techniques to stakeholders, as required by the various projects

Support Services: Capacity build various partnerships to experiment, innovate and document processes that strengthen NRM practices and related livelihoods

Resource Centre: Act as a centre to explore, capture, process, document and disseminate experience-based knowledge, using various media, to all stakeholders – from community to policy makers.

Research & Policy Advocacy: Anchor research studies and facilitate advocacy initiatives on livelihoods, NRM practices, in partnership with other NGO/CBO networks

Network: Facilitate and anchor theme based networks of NGOs/CBOs, government agencies

In achieving its vision, WASSAN has varying degrees of partnerships based on the intensity of relationship namely; collaboration, cooperation, coordination and networking.

  • Collaboration is based on sharing of core-values, teams and roles and results in the individual identities of the organisations merging into a third identity.
  • Cooperation is based on the organisations taking joint responsibility for outcomes with their individual identities still intact.
  • Coordination is based on formal agreements or MoUs between organisations, each responsible for a set of outcomes, with their respective identities and autonomy intact.
  • Networking is where organisations come together for advocacy, sharing of information etc.