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The benefits of shifting to System of Rice Cultivation are well known. Shift to SRI resulting in large saving in seeds, saving in irrigation water to an extent of 30%, improvement in soils and higher yields can make rice production more sustainable. Andhra Pradesh has the privilege of introducing SRI in 2003 at scale. Spreading SRI to large areas and farmers however has remained a challenge. Practice of SRI becomes easier and its benefits realized at best, if contiguous rice areas shift to SRI in blocks. It makes reforms in irrigation systems much easier besides enabling easy spread and adaptation of SRI knowledge and skills among farmers and labour. To realise such benefits, the Department of Agriculture has taken up a pilot program JAI SRI (Joint Action Initiative of SRI) to spread SRI firmly and sustainably in selected blocks of contiguous areas in four districts viz., Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Medak and Khammam. This is being taken up in continuous areas under groundwater irrigation, tank and canal irrigation areas, in partnership with NGOs active in the district and implemented by the farmers' groups.


JAI SRI Program supports the Farmers' Groups through

  • Facilitation to learn, adapt and evolve SRI knowledge, practices and skills

  • Custom hiring centres maintaining adequate numbers of markers and weeders

  • Incentives for weeding and organic inputs in the initial years

  • Organising Farmers Field Schools on regular basis