Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture (RRA)
Comprehensive Pilot (CP) Program






Key Principles of a Relevant Paradigm for Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture.



Framework for the National Rainfed Farming Systems Program proposed by the Working Group.


Rainfed areas have diverse and complex production systems. These are strongly linked to the health of natural resources. RRA-Comprehensive Pilot (RRA-CP) Program has been initiated to strengthen diverse rainfed farming systems integrating and converging all the available mainstream agriculture, rural development and other program programs at the Mandal (Block) level.

The RRA-CP program facilitated by WASSAN, is taken up in Doulatabad Mandal at the initiative of the Principal Secretary, Rural Development and the District Collector, Mahabubnagar. It is supported by the programs available in the district and is a part of the national initiative of RRA Network on RRA-CP programs across 9 districts in 8 states.

Convergence Planning
.. process..


Process of Convergence of mainstream Programs..



District Departments Involved




This is the update of Mahabubnagar District Collector's visit on 28th January 2014 with all the District Heads of Departments visited the RRA - CP Initiatives in Doulathabad district, Andhra Pradesh. The visit culminated with a convergence meeting at MPDO office with all department officials at the mandal to review progress of convergence of programs and for planning ahead. (Read more)


Also visit Photos of District Collector's visit (Read more)

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