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New Technique doubles ragi yield, Times of India | October 15, 2016 

SRI Brief Report

A Training Report - Finger Millet (Ragi) Intensification: Applying Principles of SRI on 21st May 2016 held at Laya Resource Centre, Paderu, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. 

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Potential of the SRI for systemic improvement in rice production and water use: the case of Andhra Pradesh, India
A. Ravindra and S. Bhagyalaxmi, SpringerLink | October 24, 2010


This Unique Farming Technique Doubled the Rice Produce of an Entire Village in Odisha
Sabnam Aferin and Kanna K. Siripurapu, The Better India  (Gacherigaon, Odisha) | December 19, 2016

Gacherigaon village is located in Mundigarh gram panchayat in Tumudibandh block of Kandhamal district, Odisha. The village has 156 people in 26 households and all the residents belong to the Panga Kondh community. Historically, members of the Kondh community depends on agriculture and forest their livelihood. They practice millets-based, biodiverse farming and are involved in pulses and paddy cultivation in low lands. 

Going Against the Grain
Andrea Hayley, The Epoch Times (US Features) | December 2, 2016

With the Green Revolution failing, Cornell professor Norman Uphoff is offering a better way to feed the world. Transforming the way the world’s largest food crop is grown has become Cornell University professor Norman Uphoff’s lifework, but success means convincing others it’s better than industrial agriculture. Before Uphoff came along, few outside the tiny island nation of Madagascar knew of the rice growing method that has become a lifeline to millions of poor rice farmers in over 50 countries. 

For a bountiful harvest
Ananda Teertha Pyati, Deccan Herald (Karnataka) | November 1, 2016

A traditional finger millet cultivation method that has some resemblance to System of Rice Intensification (SRI) method of paddy cultivation has come to the rescue of farmers in some villages of Karnataka. 


Stakeholders in SRI Innovation Systems
Author(s): Dr. Suchiradipta Bhattacharjee and Dr. Saravanan Raj, LEISA India Magazine | December 2016

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