Comprehensive Revival of Millets in Rainfed Farming Systems and Household Consumption




















Comprehensive Revival of Millets, a program of Department of Agriculture, Andhra Pradesh intends to revive millets in rainfed farming systems and household consumption.

Including diverse millets in crop systems, improving productivity, promoting processing enterprises, inclusion of millets in state nutrition programs and promoting markets are the strategic areas of intervention.

The nutritious Millets traditionally occupied substantial part of the diets and crop systems in tribal areas and in the dry rainfed areas of Andhra Pradesh. Government's focus on promotion of rice in agriculture and in PDS has led to a shift away from millets. Reduction in millets resulted in nutrition imbalances and distorted cropping systems increasing demand on water. Millets are more resilient to climate vulnerability and change and can be cultivated even in marginal lands.

GULI Ragi CC experiment at Rangasila village

Nutritious can potentially contribute to nutritional security

More resilient to climate vulnerabilities and droughts

Can be cultivated under rainfed situations across the state i.e. additional demand on irrigation

Buoyant prices following increasing consumer demand

Potential for tribal and rainfed areas becoming Millet-Hubs and lead the grain economy

This Telugu book contains 31 delicious millet recipes, out of which 10 are breakfast items, 8 snacks, 11 meals, 4 sweets and 2 are Millet drinks. This booklet is useful for facilitators who can be used as reference material in Millets Consumption Campaign and Millet Recipe contests in Gram Panchayats.


Induction Training on Small Millet Processing for the Selected Entrepreneurs
Event Report | March 5th - 7th March 2018
The training was conducted at Nature office in Araku valley, Visakhapatnam district. It was 3 day event, on the first day class room training was conducted . On the second day a small batch of millet was processed and shown to the participants at the millet processing unit established by B.Satyanarayan. On the third day the millet processing unit was inaugurated by PD ATMA Visakhapatnam, Sri Appalaswamy garu.

'Seed Bags' to promote indigenous varieties in Agency
G.V. Prasada Sarma, The Hindu | May 10, 2018

170 farmers to take up cultivation in half-acre each in three districts during kharif this year.

Annual Report 2017 2018 - Comprehensive Revival of Millets Programme (CRMP)

The Comprehensive Revival of Millets Program-AP was launched in February 2016. Department of Agriculture had identified WASSAN as a Lead Technical Agency for this program. The program is being implemented in two geographically distinct areas of Andhra Pradesh. Selected 7 districts for this program 4 from north coastal districts and 3 districts from Rayalaseema region. A total of 44 potential mandals selected for Revival of Millets.

PFA Wise estimate production of millets program, Total number of farmers and millets in tribal areas and Rayalaseema division, Millets production details (2015 and 2016) and List of Millets wise farmers under CRMP.

@ 2017 - Comprehensive Revival of Millets in Rainfed Farming Systems and Household Consumptio