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Institutional & Functional Frame

The institutional and functional frame of WASSAN was fine tuned in the visioning exercise. It broadly represents the partnerships and relationships with which WASSAN works towards achieving its vision.

WASSAN was conceived as a network-based organisation. While WASSAN the organisation is at the core, there are several organisations with which WASSAN has varying degrees of partnership. WASSAN has differential approach in working with each category of partnerships. This functional frame could be seen in concentric circles. The outer most ring is the Networking and the innermost ring is WASSAN the organisation. The rings in between indicate varying intensity of relationship, which includes coordination, cooperation and collaboration.

Networking: This is the outermost circle. The area of operation is coming together for advocacy, sharing of information, etc.

Coordination: This is the second circle from the outside. There would be formal agreements or MoUs between the organisations. The identity and autonomy of the organisations are intact, while they perform their respective roles as per the agreement. There is no joint responsibility for the outcomes.

Cooperation: This is the third circle from the outside. Here the organisations come together and the identity and autonomy are still in tact. However, the organisations take joint responsibility for the outcomes.

Collaboration: This is the ultimate stage in partnership where the individual identities of the organisations get merged into a third identity. This is based on intense sharing of core values, teams and roles. The dynamics of one organisation with the other would vary with the intensity of the relationship.

In this framework the functional frame of WASSAN as an institution is visible at two levels:

  • Networking domain

  • Service and Learning domain

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