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WASSAN, a national level resource support organisation, is promoting community centric development policies and programs for natural resource management and rain-fed agriculture, through various networks. WASSAN is functioning as Lead Technical Agency for Andhra Pradesh Drought Mitigation Project, Climate Resilient Zero Budget Natural Farming and other major development projects. These projects are funded by state governments, bilateral donors and Indian Donors. WASSAN is collaborating with large number of NGO partners and state government departments for executing these projects. These projects go beyond typical watershed development and other agricultural projects and have several innovative and challenging opportunities for solving the hackneyed problems of drought. 

WASSAN intends to have inter-disciplinary development professionals (about 10 positions) for steering these development initiatives. Persons with minimum three years of relevant experience on drought mitigation, watershed management, rain-fed farming systems, training/ capacity building/ facilitation learning events; research and data analytics; institution development and marketing are requested to apply for these positions. 

The positions are in Hyderabad and Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh). Proficiency in Telugu is very desirable. Good communications skills in English; high level of expertise on Microsoft Excel/ Word and other packages is essential, for all positions.  

Interested candidates (men and women) are requested to apply at the following link: Apply Here