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WASSAN Group of Institutions believes that research studies, monitoring & evaluation related assignments provide an opportunity to synthesize the experiences from real life situations and convert them into useful knowledge products (reports/ insights generated from field work/ analysis). These knowledge products are useful tools for capacity building and policy advocacy . . .Read More
Networking is one of the important core values of WASSAN Group of Institutions. WASSAN Group of Institutions believes that appropriate development solutions could be explored by bringing together relevant expertise, experiences and concerned agencies, on to a common platform. Networking processes demands cooperation, co-existence and coordinated efforts. Recognizing and acknowledging role/ contribution of each member in this process is an important requirement. Networking also improves the quality of policy and program designs, as this includes multiple dimensions. Improving effectiveness of public investments in terms of participation, equity and environmental sustainability is the bottom line for policy advocacy efforts of WASSAN Group of Institutions . . .Read More
Core mandate of WASSAN Group of Institutions is to build capacities of partners for development action. Participatory methodologies; enabling organizational and institutional architecture; supportive policy support (including adequate budgets) are corner stones of capacity building inputs. WASSAN Group of Institutions believes that diversity in capacity building inputsis essential for not only building capacities, but also for utilizing the same. Training program; workshops/ seminars; communication campaigns; hand holding support (post training support services); advisory services by experts; appropriate institution development/ community organizations; systematic project planning/ review systems, research and innovation (pilots/ experiments) are some of the essential ways of building capacities . . .Read More