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Rainfed areas i.e. areas that do not have assured irrigation constitute over half of the area and are lifeline for ??% of people in India. Climate risks (droughts in particular), dependence on rains with high variability, undulating and varying topography makes these areas highly vulnerable. Their agro-ecologies range from the low rainfall drylands to high rainfall tribal areas.

In spite of serious policy neglect over decades, these areas meet,


Needs in the country.

Underinvestment and policy neglect since the advent of Green Revolution resulted in entrenched poverty, migration and acute farmers’ distress in the rainfed areas. Rainfed ares are also ecologically fragile and threatened by land degradation, groundwater depletion and erosion of biodiversity.

Over 40 years of cumulative government investment on watershed development is less than half of annual fertiliser subsidy

WASSAN works with communities, civil society, research and government institutions in rainfed areas for bringing in prosperity and ecological security of rainfed areas. Small holder farmers, farm workers, women and tribal communities are in focus.

Our Journey

WASSAN was formed as a network of civil society organisations interested in Participatory Watershed Development Programs in 1996 to build capacities of multiple actors involved, innovate on processes and to provide a policy interface with Government to strengthen the watershed development.

With the growing need for professional support, the network was registered as a Public Trust with Sri. B.N. Yugandhar as the Chair and guiding force.

Our Approach

Practice, Research and Policy

Having a strong presence on ground – working with communities, supporting collaborative programs at scale; learning and distilling lessons from these experiences connecting to policy development are our unique strengths. 

Scaling up and outscaling is the essence of our work.

Our Core Values


Being sensitive and committed to reduce all forms of discrimination with focus on poor, dalit, adivasi and women


Having faith in people’s knowledge, capacities and their institutions


Developing synergies through networking

Team Work

Striving for quality, innovation and diversity


With Transparency

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WASSAN is a network-based organization focusing on
improving the quality of mainstream programs in
natural resources management and livelihoods since 1999.

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Plot No. 685 & 685, Street No. 12, Narasimha Swamy Colony,
Nagole, Hyderabad – 500 068
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